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Crime Stats Simplified


Crime Stats SA attracts a wide variety of visitors: from the man-in-the-street who wants to know the crime profile of the area where he lives, to the business owner looking to establish a new branch in a safe area. People may be researching crime to decide where to purchase a new home, or to back up their fire arm applications, or to motivate for an estate’s body corporate to install more security.


Organic search traffic

Crime Stats SA is a completely free service, and ranks very well on Google for the following search terms:


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Website statistics

The website has been in existence since 2012, and attracts an average of 12 000 unique visitors per month. On average, each visitor will visit the site 1.42 times, and browses 5.39 pages per visit – for a total of approximately 100 000 page views per month. The average amount of time a visitor spends on the website is just under 3 minutes, with 10% of visitors spending up to 15 minutes browsing the site.



The website is also backed up by a popular Facebook page, with over 34000 "likes", which is kept regularly updated by dedicated social media personnel.


Rate card

Banner (across top of site): R1000 per month

Skyscraper (down right hand margin of site): R800 per month

Popup: R500 per month

Suburb-specific advert: R500 per suburb per month

Suburb-specific advert appears only on the page detailing the statistics for a particular precinct


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